Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's May and Paris is Calling

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I seriously have the most wonderful friends and family ever (sorry if that sounds braggy, but it's true!). My best friend Alexis just turned 30 last month and you may recall that I turned the big 3-0 in December, Sean is also joining the 30 club in June so we decided to join forces celebrate in the most graceful, exciting and fabulous way imaginable: in Paris! (Alexis's hubby, Tom, can pretend he is celebrating 30 too *winking at you Tom*)
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forever21 top, sunnies, old Urban Outfitters skirt but similar here.

We are embarking on our adventure of London, Paris and Nice in just over a week and I am getting super pumped to be doing it with my favorite people ever. It is kind of amazing to think that Alexis and I have gone from Junior high sleep overs all the way up to touring the City of Lights together. The only thing I know I will be missing is little Wrennie while she bunks out with my Parent's for a couple weeks. Lots of facetime will be on the agenda.

I can't wait to capture it all for the first time and share! Any must see spots/restaurants you've been to?


Nicole said...

Oh I LOVE it Holly!!! A trip to Paris is a divine way to celebrate milestones, life and relationships! You will be in bliss. I went with my best friend from college when I turned 30 and before kids. Such a fabulous trip that I almost didn't want to come home - but I did and we had Eleanor! I tell my husband that one summer soon to come, I would like to take Eleanor (4) and Estella (2) to France for the summer and he can visit! I think this would be an amazing way to start their passion for travel and culture.

Can't wait to hear all about your plans and see the photos!!! Check out this blog: was in Paris for a few months while he husband attended grad school and she posted many places to eat, shop and be seen! xo

Nicole said...

This store looks amazing on IG - they don't ship merchandise so you gotta visit Paris to find them!

Holly Baker said...

Awww sounds like it was a dream Nicole! I am off to check out that site. Thanks so much for the tips!

Brooke said...

Exciting! Can't wait to follow along on your journey!

Samantha said...

La Duree for macarons is an absolute MUST!!!!!!

Lisha Allred said...

I have a long list of Paris recommendations I can email if you want it, but the highlight of things to eat is caramel beurre sale kouignette at a place called Maison Georges Larnicol. They are the best pastry I have ever had!!! I also highly recommend Pere Lachaise Cemetery and Monet's garden as places that aren't usually on the top few things for tourists, but are some of my favorite spots.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American living in London. Whenever I have friends here, I always tell them to explore the Southbank area. Start the day with touristy pictures in front of Big Ben, cross over the river and spend the day walk down the river to Borough Market (foodie paradise). You'll pass the London Eye, the Hayward Gallery, the Tate Modern, the Globe Theatre. On a sunny day, it's a great atmosphere! Lots of places to stop and eat and drink, too!

Stacey said...

Eeekkkk I am so excited for you to take your trip, what a perfect way to celebrate 30!! I really hope we get to meet up in London!!


Five Minute Style 

The S's beach house said...

So excited for you!

Nice is beautiful. You get that true France feel with it being more quiet then I can assume Paris would be. Ill have to look through pictures to remember some cool places.

xoxo, Reem : )

mom said...

Hi Holly,
I have never posted to you before but I love sharing tips about places....and I am off to Paris in 2 weeks and so am happy to recommend some favorites.
If you are in Paris on a Sunday, check out the Bird Market by Notre Dame.
And the best time to stop in at Notre Dame is during a service at 6:30,
And in Nice, you must visit Matisse's home.
Bon Voyage!

mom said...

In Nice, you must visit Matisse's house.

Bon Voyage, Betsy

Freckles Chick said...

You are so Parisian chic!!!

I know blog reading time is sparse these days but have you read Aspiring Kennedy? She's awesome, love her to pieces. Her travel tips & such are helpful & she's hilarious.

Have a blast!!!

Plum Home + Design said...

Oh my goodness! I love Paris.
You must go to Galarie Lafayette
You must buy a long champ every french woman has one.
Repetto ballet flats are made in France and all the women wear them around town. They are a fraction of the price they are here.
Visit the flea market but be prepared it is expensive and they aren't that friendly if you don't speak french
There are a ton of great place to eat you can email me if you like.
We also went on a great guided food tour that was amazing.

Have a blast!

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