Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Green House Lanterns

lantern 015 

I made a big mistake last Summer and Fall. First, I left candles in some of our lanterns on the deck after a barbeque one evening and a few sunny days did a real number on them. Then a few rainstorms can through and bam! my super cute, $30 lanterns from HomeSense suddenly looked like rusted out, junky pieces of garbage.

See? not pretty.
lantern 011 

But I decided to hold on to them for this Summer to try and hopefully salvage them somehow. So I cleaned out the old melted candles, gently popped out the glass, and decided to give them a makeover.
lantern 012 

I bought a can of this coral spray paint at Michael's for $6 with one of their coupons and got to spraying!

Since I am obviously not capable of carting candles in and out all Summer I decided to put them to use on our covered front porch and inside as little greenhouses. 

To protect the metal bottom again I simply cut a little square of vinyl sheet I had in the garage. 
lantern 013 
I've tried actual enclosed terrariums a few times and can't seem to keep them from steaming up getting too moist. This offers a little ventilation while still protecting delicate plants from the elements, and looking super cute at the same time!
lantern 014 

lantern 016

Happy Gardening!


Centsational Girl said...

That is divine! I adore the color, what a great idea, and your black & white textiles? Swoon!

Rinako Camellia said...

What a nice pink lantern! Love it so much! <3

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Nicole said...

Rejuvenation - you have the vision and gift. Another wonderful idea by in the fun lane!

Elizabeth Boyle said...

I really like these. They look sooo lovely. I'm having the same problem in the Australian sun so might. Try the same concept. I'm thinking some cute succulents. Thanks for the inspiration.

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

What a great color! I had a similar problem last year with LED candles that actually we're made with a wax exterior, oops! Who would have thought that Edmonton was hot enough?!

Mimi ThisDomesticatedDiva said...

So clever! I have several yucky looking ones in my closet that are thrift store finds and I had never quite figured out what to do with them. Now I feel a bit inspired! :)


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