Monday, August 26, 2013

Wren's Mini Room Makeover

 photo _MG_7202_zps47626c25.jpg 

I am so excited to share Wren's little room makeover today! Not because it is an incredible before and after so much as the fact that it was all done with things we already had. Plus we had a little help from the wonderful Danielle and Paul at Urban Walls (actually, they spurred on this little makeover! Gotta give the credit where it's due)

You may remember Wren's room looked like this, so we pulled all the furniture against the walls or into the hallway and started fresh.
before photo _MG_7147_zps5279ae5e.jpg 

Wren REALLY loved the wallpaper I did in the powder room this Spring, but I didn't want to paper her room. That would take a lot of paper ($$$) and time should we ever change our minds. And little girls love to change their minds! So removable decals from Urban Walls was a win-win. Specially after Wren saw the gold hearts when I let her decided what she could choose from. 

Proving that she has fabulous taste, I am really in love (get it?) with how they turned out (I may or may not have tried talking her into doing the stars).

To get a 'wallpaper look', I took about 10 minutes to measure and grid out my pattern on a piece of paper and then just measured as I went along.
heart-progression photo heartcollage_zps3edd3d77.jpg 
Wren was a huge help, cutting each decal out while I measured the next.
applying-decal photo _MG_7158_zpseb37b881.jpg 

A testament to how fool proof these are, not one botched application!!
I just rubbed with an old credit card...
decal-application photo _MG_7163_zps8d8fa92b.jpg 
and peeled back on a sharp angle.
decal-application photo _MG_7165_zps2f0664fe.jpg 

All done! 
heart-decal photo _MG_7161_zps663b5d87.jpg 

We moved Wren's bed over to this side of the room and brought in another nightstand I was storing in my office for her fish and the rest is just shuffled around from her old set up.
 photo _MG_7180_zps3eca8f0c.jpg 

I LOVE how the gold picks up the gold elements we've had for a few years, but that I didn't really appreciate. Like the gilding on her armoire, or the colorwheel knobs on her nightstand.
blue-gold-room photo _MG_7185_zps9e216861.jpg 

antique-painted-cabinet photo _MG_7183_zps006728bb.jpg 

gold-hearts photo _MG_7186_zps51f2e189.jpg 
I found this lamp on clearance for $15 a couple years ago at HomeSense and it has floated around the house. But I love it most in here for the warmth and texture it adds.
night-stand photo _MG_7189_zpsee6b42b6.jpg 

I raided my linen closet for a few odds and ends to add some whimsy with pillow cases. 
name-bed photo _MG_7190_zpsae4e8c54.jpg 

Blueberry and Tomato are still alive and kicking!
 photo _MG_7191_zpsa15d261e.jpg 

Let the sun shine in!
basket-toys photo _MG_7221_zps3311a4dd.jpg 
Her room just feels so happy and warm. I kind of want to camp out in here every night.
gold-hearts photo _MG_7226_zpsd5e4aa96.jpg

I am still in love with Amy from Field Trip's PEACE origami print. Makes so much sense for my little bird-girl's room.
origami-art photo _MG_7194_zps121dcb73.jpg

 photo _MG_7227_zps1fab95c3.jpg

THANK YOU again Danielle and Paul at Urban Walls!!! You guys have made one 4 year old girl mighty proud of her bedroom.


Erin said...

Well done, ladies! I love the photo with all the little papers on the ground. Your tissue poms have sure lasted well too!

Giggles said...

Just gorgeous...really spiffs up her room!! Reminds me of when I was a child and my mom would transform lamps by painting them!! Or when my daughter was little and I did her room with a Wendy Tosoff teddy bear border... such an enjoyable time when they are so excited about everything you do!!

I love hearts anyway...and these are so cool! Wren is growing up so fast, feels like yesterday she was a baby...and now cutting out those ...good for her. Just the photo of the two of you working together!! One day you'll have a little decorating partner!!

Hugs Giggles

Allison said...

Wren's room looks beautiful! The hearts give it a touch of whimsy. So fun! I'd like this room for myself! Wren is getting so tall...she is really growing up. So cute that she helped you with the wall.

Leslie G said...

Amazing! I love it so much!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

So adorable and happy and fun! Love it!

The S's beach house said...

So magical! It has a princess vibe without being so princess if you know what I mean. Perfect!

Tiffany Kopper said...

It turned out beautifully! So fun! We're in the process (very slowly) of redoing my little girl's room, too...thanks for beautiful inspiration, as always! Also, I must say that it's super fantastic that her fish are named after food. A girl after my own heart. :)

Julie said...

her room is perfect! absolutely perfect! the hearts, the furniture, the accessories, the fabrics, it's all perfect!

Soul Pretty said...

It's perfect...and I love that you didn't have to purchase anything new to make it happen...bravo, mom.

Brie @ Eat Books said...

Oh, I love it, Holly! It looks like such a peaceful sanctuary. The rearranging of the furniture makes it look like a whole new room! I want to decal something now!

Rissa said...

This is such a cute idea and room for a little girl! I love it!! And her curtains! I'm obsessed - do you have a post about where you bought them, or did you make them? They're amazing!

- Rissa @

Nola Grasby said...

Such a beautiful room!

Grace said...


Shelley | Crazy Wonderful said...

I just adore those shiny little hearts in there! I want to do this to my daughters room so badly!!!

Brandi said...

Such a sweet room for your little one. I love the heart decals.

christine, just bella said...

yay, yay, yay! I love her room! The gold hearts totally work with your/Wren's style! It's all just so cute and whimsical, but yet not too "kiddy". Lucky little Wren!

Silver Lining Decor said...

I am in love with the gold hearts! Great pick, Wren! What a warm and inviting space for a little girl, without being incredibly "young".

Stacey said...

Wren's room is adorable! I love that room haha!


Five Minute Style 

Sabrina S said...

What a fun room!! love those gold hearts!!

Cara Moran said...

I absolutely love it! 😍Thank you for sharing, Holly

Erica Dirba said...

What a sweet, sweet room! Love it.

Run To Radiance said...

It looks beautiful!! I love it.

margie said...

hi can you share how you made your grid to hang the hearts? i want to do the same in my daughter room but her whole wall and I'm at a lost of where to start.

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