Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy!

 photo IMG_7366_zpsbee2c562.jpg 

Are you in the mode for a dose of happy? I am! I always am.

And things are always better in pairs, so let's smile together, alrrrrrighty?
Here are the things making me cheery lately.

{ back to school clothes for Wren we scored while thrifting }
 photo _MG_7083_zps7b511db8.jpg 

{ back to school clothes for Wren we scored at thrift store prices on sale at OshKosh }
toddler-girl-clothes photo _MG_7126_zps5eac3eda.jpg 

{ some dollar store balloon glam for our Friday }
heart-balloon photo IMG_7309_zps8923a237.jpg 

{ late, maybe even the last, Summer clippings }
 photo _MG_7100_zpsbc3502b4.jpg 

{ a touching parcel from a very lovely reader: a sketch of me and my dearly missed baby }
Thank you so very much Casey!!!!
antlers-art photo IMG_7389_zps6412aebe.jpg 

{ getting smothered in kisses }
 photo _MG_7118_zpsafb9e516.jpg 

Tessa's awesome tee shirts will be a Fall staple! I can't wait to buy more.
cake-for-breakfast photo IMG_7339_zpse61beeb3.jpg

{ my new baby! }
I have started playing with her and I am in love. AND it has an awesome HD video feature I can't wait to use it for more bloggy videos here.

How big is your grin today? I'm hoping it's ear to ear. 


christine, just bella said...

New camera, woot!! I want one now, haha. And Osh Kosh has totally been stepping up their game lately, hey! I've found a few sale items for Alice lately too!

Rita said...

I love Osh Kosh! I just bought my Olivia some Kindergarten clothes there too. I love their vintage inspired pieces! I love all your happy photos. That is a lovely drawing of you and your baby. What a sweet sentiment!
Have a happy day. :-)


{ L } said...

It's ear to ear now. All you had to do is ask. I guess smiles really are contagious. Your lil girl is so tall now, and I want that camera. Is it simple to operate?

Tessa MacCormac said...

AMAZING Holly!! So happy we've both discovered each other! Your blog and instagram are so inspiring. I'm over the moon you're a fan of CFB. xx Tessa

Stacey said...

That tee is too cute and I love the picture of you and Wren, so sweet!


Five Minute Style 

Amelia Warda said...

the 60D is the same as my baby! I've had it for almost 2 years and I still dont know how to use it.. keep us updated! (and tell us when you figure out how to get the autofocus to work on video ..please)
LOVE the tee

Pam K said...

I've only discovered a few months ago that you have a blog! I had no idea. Wren has become quite a beautiful young lady. You have incredible style and this post is infectious. I grinned from ear to ear.

Freckles Chick said...

I'll take one of those cameras please...& that ampersand tee (looks super soft)....& that balloon...

Wren's so tall! And oh so chic.

Jen Kershner said...

This post makes me happy! Love the colors! Great, lucky thrifty finds.

Green Hydrangea Lover said...

I loved your post. All of it made my happy. I am still learning how to use parts of my camera a year later.

Would you pretty please tell me where you found the adorable t-shirt you are wearing. I just gotta have one. Thanks.

Little Lovables said...

I want that skirt!!

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