Friday, July 19, 2013


The past couple years I have discovered this is the truth about friendship.

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You don't have amazing friends unless you are one in return. I wouldn't say I was 'lazy' as a friend in the past but I have realized in the past few year that you do have to choose to be a good friend. Choosing to make it a priority to stay in touch and be there when people need you. In this age of hectic work schedules and busy families it can be a challenge! But I've discovered that helping and making time to be there for true friends always pays off (the kind of friends that would do the exact same for you!). I'm not sure if it is because staying connected online is so easy but I feel that genuine, old fashioned friends don't seem to come along that often anymore so I am going to cherish the ones I have. And hopefully meet some new ones along this path by chance. 

Here are some of my weekend plans. 

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{ Fresh Cherries }
I have been going hard on these all week. I wish I had the motivation to eat this good all year, but for some reason fruit tastes a million times better on a hot Summer day. Science backs me up on this, right?
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{ Enjoying the Scents of Summer }
And the tastes! We are hitting up a food festival this weekend and a parade today. These are the warm, lazy, fun days I dream of in January.
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Have a fun, friend-filled weekend,


Katie said...

holly, I so heartly agree with this friendship business. At the point in my life with the really hard days I have been having, I'm still outta bed each day because of the friends that make sure I am. And I think they do that because they know I'd be doing the same for them..

Sweet pst, lately I really look forward to see whats going on with you..

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I have been rethinking all the blogging/social media time and energy lately for that very reason- real life friendships are harder to come by and require work. It's such a balance to find in this social media age.

Stacey said...

I love cherries and I totally agree summer makes fruit taste a million times better!


Five Minute Style 

Freckles Chick said...

TRUTH! You're an old soul, my friend.

Over the years, I've been finding myself choosing quality vs. quantity when it comes to friends. I've been guilty of letting some fall to the wayside in the past but also realized that hey, it's not a friendship when I have to do all the "work"!

Anyway, the friends in my inner circle now inspire me to want to be a better friend to them every day. That's what I call true friendship. And our little (well, yours is quite large, Ms. Popular) social media community is AMAZING.

Summer fruit's the best! Nothing compares!

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