Thursday, July 25, 2013

Casual, Silky, Summer Style

I'm not sure if you've seen this trend, the one where it is cool to wear silk PJ bottoms around town now? I was a skeptic. And I have never actually seen anyone give it a go in person, yet.

But I am not about to pass up an excuse to spend these hot, sticky summer days in the most airy and delightfully soft trousers man ever created. There will probably still be stares, but whatev.

Here is the outfit I plan on rocking for the last half of summer (notice it's all on sale? I love a good sale!)

 photo summeroutfitcollage_zps91127360.jpg


Just in case you're not fully convinced, maybe I can tempt you to join us on the dark side (or maybe it is the light side, all things considered) by showing you a slew of wonderfully comfy ladies in their silky pants. 

What do you think? Have I pulled you off the fence?


{ L } said...

It's too hot in the Arizona desert during Summer, but they would be great for our Fall climate. The colors speak fall to me also - or Indian Summer! :)

stephanie said...

May have to jpin you. Kelly rippa was rockin a black and white pair today:)

Douglas said...

So beautiful. I want to wear them. Here are my issues....perhaps you can help me with them.
1. What happens if you aren't super model tall and super model thin....
2. What about when you sweat..doesn't it stick? Being in Florida I'm not so sure about this.
3. If I'm at a super trendy restaurant and on the arm of my adorable hubbie I'll totally look like I'm a trendsetter. However, my more realistic scenario is that I'm at the grocery store. And my kids are on my arms. So then does it just look sloppy and not even a bit trendy?
Help a struggling soul. ;) Marissa

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