Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pink and Gold Glam

It is so mentally crazy at times here. We just get into the swing of things with the Holidays and all that decorating and basically as soon as it's up my mind turns to parties and themes and decorating for those. We made the executive decision to move Wren's birthday this year. We are doing a little family movie outting on her actual birthday next Wednesday, but her big birthday blow out is being moved to the second week of January. Now that she is in school and has so many friends I think it will be best for everyone involved if we move it so that there is no risk of Christmas trees getting bumped, wrong presents being opened (happened last year. Once they start ripping things open it's hard to stop them!) and most importantly, this way all her friends will be around to celebrate with her.

BUT, it is also my birthday next week. The 23rd, to be exact. And I've never thrown myself a party before. Can you believe it? The girl who loves parties, decor and balloons has never thrown her own party? But for my big 2-9 I think I'll go glam and have a tiny little soiree. Nothing big or major, just our very closest friends. And it really will be low key because we plan on heading to a Jazz bar later in the evening. But for the first few hours I have decided to do a pink and gold theme at the house in honor of my last year in my twenties.

{ gold sequined strands for some cheap and easy decor }

I don't think it will be nearly as cool as any of these events but I am totally crushing on the pink/gold combo so here is more eye candy for all us glamazons.





Mandolyn said...

I'm currently planning a spring bridal shower with a blush, gold and mint theme, so seeing your post in my Google Reader today was divine!

Mandolyn said...

I'm currently planning a spring bridal shower with a blush, gold and mint theme, so seeing your pretty, image filled post in my Google Reader this morning was wonderful!

Leslie G said...

Happy (early) birthday to you and Wren! It's funny, both our kids are the same age and celebrate December birthdays- and I also happen to celebrate my 29th birthday on Dec 30th! :) have fun at your party!

Jen B! said...

Holly, my birthday is the 23rd of December as well. I, too, will be turning 29...we are BIRTHDAY BUDDIES! Girl, this year, it's official, we're 29 and holding. Have a fantastic birthday, it's going to be gorgeous.

jcamp78 said...

Fun! My birthday is the 23rd as well. Happy birthday to you and Wren!

{ L } said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday is the 21st (although I'm not turning 29). I'm turning 41 and have never thrown a bday party for myself either. Won't be starting this year. I'm looking forward to a quiet dinner at home. With a 6 yr old and a baby, no guarantees on the quiet part, lol. Love your inspiration photos and certain your decor will be just as pretty.

Lacey said...

I've been toying with the throwing something similar this coming July for my 30th… keep the inspiration coming... I am dying to see the outcome of your get together!.. xo

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