Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun, no fun, and cheese buns.

Hello and happy belated Easter!!

I didn't think I would find a moments to log on today, but am happy to quickly stop in and let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or anything.

We have had a rough few days here at casa Baker! It all started on Friday when my Mom, Aunt and I hit up the massive Wild Rose antique fair. Midway into our excursion Sean calls us to let us know that Wren has been throwing up repeatedly in the few hours since we left. He seemed to have the situation under control, but we scurried home not long after.

When we arrived she was still sick and running a temperature, which steadily increased all night despite regular tylenol doses. By Saturday morning she was talking gibberish and was burning up so we took her to the Stollery Children's Hospital. Turns out she has a gastro-intestinal bug/virus. The poor little thing is still sick as can be. This has really been our first encounter as parents with the whole barf situation. Not fun!! It is just heartbreaking to watch her when she is feeling sick because she doesn't understand what is going on and is so helpless. THANKFULLY (knock on wood!) neither Sean nor I have caught it, but we are both pretty much walking zombies since we have been up nightly with her since Friday.

So yeah, that's where we've been at!

Besides running a sick house I did head outside briefly this week when I could because I am SOOO happy to report Spring has finally arrived. It really has me itching to get out in the yard!

Despite all the amazing finds at the antique sale last Friday, I only brought home 1 bag full. A couple of fun antique science beakers and a pile of neat old glass jars.

While it may have taken a while to arrive I am just happy that Spring kicked into high gear quickly. I brought in my first garden clippings of the year (crocus flowers), meagre as they are, to put the old bottles to use.

A big thank you to Mr. Sun for bringing me those, they were sorely needed this weekend to keep my head up!

And now I am off to enjoy a dinner consisting of 1 semi-toasted cheese bun. I've learned that with sick kids finding time to cook dinner is the first casualty...

Hope you have been having a MUCH better week!!


Heather @ Post Road said...

Hi! Just found ya and am totally DIGGING your style!! Glad ya got to sneak some fun time inbetween caring for your sick one...

Take care!

Heather @ Post Road said...

Sick, no fun! But good you got to sneak in some time in the midst of it all! I just found you and LOVE your style!!

Heather :)
Keeping it real from Post Road!

Katie said...

So sorry to hear about little wren.. Our Gracie was just in stollery with a bad virus and then BAck to stollery yesterday for surgery under her eye. I feel for you mama(and daddy too) Hopefully wren will be back on her feet soon. Lets both hope for a good night sleep tonight, ok..

Thinking of you..

Bringing Pretty Back said...

what a "real life" post!
I agree with the others! Your style is fabulous!
Have a pretty day!

InteriorGroupie said...

Poor Wren! HOpe she gets better soon!

Holly and Sean said...

Thanks so much ladies!!!

Katie, awwww I just read about poor Gracie's little visit to the hospital. How scary!!! I will be thinking of you all. And when these two are back in high gear they need to get to the park an play while their mommas can chat and sit down for a minute!

Michelle Richardson said...

Hope Wren is back to her usual self in no time! Our 17 month old just had her first stomach flu last week too, I've never done so much laundry in my life, its going to take me a month to fold it all lol.

If Toys Could Talk said...

Poor Wren! I hope she's feeling better soon!

The Denimologists said...

Now I know what you meant in your email about having a rough day!

Hope the little one starts feeling better very soon! :)

Sending healthy thoughts your way!

hpeil said...

Ahhh...now I know what you meant in your email about having a rough day!

I hope Wren starts feeling better VERY soon! Sending lots of healthy thoughts your way! :)


Darleen said...

The stomach bug likes to visit our house every year. It's definitely not fun because we seem to ALL get it. Sick babies are no fun! Give Wren a ginger bath and rub peppermint oil on her belly. That seems to always help my kids. :)

a' la mode said...

oh sweet girl, that is HORRIBLE. I have one 14 mo old baby girl and we haven't done the throw up thing yet, and it scares me!!! we have however, been up all night with her bc of tornadoes lately and tonight we are under a warning again until 5am. Pray for us and we'll pray for you!! xoxo shelli

Stephanie said...

Oh your poor Wren! I hope she gets better soon, and you two stay healthy! Maybe the sunshine will make her get better faster, I hope so!

Mimi said...

Oh it is horrible when children are so sick. I hope Wren is feeling better soon. Mimi xx

Terrell said...

Aww I hate to hear that little Wren has been ill..that's no fun at all! Hope she's on the mend and back to herself soon! I love the little crown bottle, that is just adorable! Great find!

laxsupermom said...

The first bout of illness is the worst. Lack of sleep + not knowing when it'll end + a little one who can't tell you how she's feeling is the absolute pits. Hope she's on the mend soon. The crocuses are so pretty in the little bottles. What a nice way to showcase them. Thanks for sharing.

I love your whole blog and am awarding you with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Swing on by to accept it. Hope this award lets a little more sun in.

Kacey said...

Having sick little ones is the worst! It's so hard to watch them in their misery...hope Wren is back to normal soon!


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