Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Additions

Happy Friday!! I left the orbit of the blog0sphere for a few days there to enjoy our first real taste of Spring! Who would've thought I could enjoy washing my car outside again so much? It was the highlight of my week to be honest... to know warmer days aren't just on the horizon anymore but a reality.

I am itching to get working on the yard. Those of you with little-little ones know what I'm talking about, weeding and working in the yard turns into a chore of constantly yelling at them to not touch this and don't play with that and don't wander off and don't even consider go near that pond missy!!! This year I think Wren will actually be a big help and at the very least able to amuse herself for a good half hour by my side.

But until I can get out there I have found a lot of enjoyment from my second fake plant in as many weeks. I actually love this little trough of grass so much that I bought 3 of them and have added some green touches to our family room mantle with the other 2. Fake plants?! what has come over me?

faux wheat grass from Pier 1.

I think it adds the perfect hint of spring to Sean's side of the bed. And I promise to try and get the bedroom link updated SOON!

I have also found a few moments to tackle my red vinyl office chair!

I found this grainsack-like fabric from Sunbrella on clearance for $7/meter. It is an outdoor fabric and will wipe down really easily which is good to know for a seat that will be seeing lots of glue and glitter.

I was anticipating a nuclear halocaust-like scenario in dealing with that nasty old foam and filler, but I was pleasantly surprised to have minimal trouble. The real challenge was in using fabric/upholstery glue instead of staples or tacks.

I will admit that I always have a tendancy to over-tighten the fabric on seats which causes slight creases. Does anyone have any tricks on avoiding it in the future? I am not too stressed about it on this chair for two reasons: after a little use it should ease up, and I am also planning on doing a simple seat slipcover for easy cleaning after an afternoon of crafting.

I know a lot of you wanted step by step instructions on upholstering, but this wouldn't have been a very helpful tutorial because it really only involved unbolting the pieces, slathering them with glue, clamping down the fabric and reattaching them to the metal frame. It's what I would guess is an uncommon scenario in the world of upholstery, but easy and fast for a novice like myself!

LOVE all the dented, discolored metal against the fresh cream fabric.

And for those of us who continue our labeling obsession, here is a quick and cheap upgrade to storebought items. Remember my hardware organizer?

Although I loved it before, I thought I could add some extra character and make Sean's life easier when I am yelling into the house from the garage for "the ceramic quatrafoil black knob"

With some of these label holders I have everything sorted and labeled in record time.

Now I just have to hang this thing!

What has your week held? I'm itching for some good ideas now that the warm weather's arrived!


Little Lovables said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love how the chair turned out, what a fabulous find.

The enchanted home said...

I am impressed and a wee bit jealous of how productive you have been...all so beautiful. Yes Spring does have way of putting that extra pep in your step, doesn' it! I am going to take your lead and make a little list of some spring cleaning things to do myself this weekend!
Thanks...I needed that!

AFormalFeelingComes said...

I love all your little upgrades. That little canning jar in the first picture caught my eye. I have the exact same one at home! I feel inspired to make some springy updates in my house, too.

Lovey Dovey Darling said...

Love the contrast of that pretty & new white fabric against on old, weathered frame! Very pretty. I hope to get half as much work done as you this weekend - but it does include re-upholstering four chairs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly, Did you use batting? I've found that using batting over the foam smoothes everything out very nicely. Great job, though. Love it!

Anonymous said...

everything looks great Holly!! Love the tags you added to the knob holder!!!

laxsupermom said...

The chair looks great, and I love that hardware organizer! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Pine Tree Home said...

Amazing that a little (or a lot) of glue is holding that together. Looks great.

Melissa said...

Love the chair!! It turned out great, and that's my idea of a fast fix!

I hope you'll share some of your gardening pictures with us too!

Rustic and White said...

I love the labels you put on the shelf. How organized you will be. Your chair looks cute too. I haven't even tried reupholstering anything because I do not sew;o( but the glue idea sounds very interesting!!!

Tammy said...

I share your love/obsession with labeling and organization - this week I am turning a card catalog into a baby dresser! (even though baby isn't coming until august :)

Preppy 101 said...

Looks fabulous - every single thing including the "fake" grass!! xoxo

Krystal Wight Armstrong said...

Fun post! Forgive all my responses: Is your husband's bedside always so neat? It looks wonderful, very picturesque :) The blue book caught my eye when I thought it was about St. Bernard dogs (I love 'em); looked it up, and found it was about a medieval abbot, sounded pretty interesting actually. I've always admired your pretty book collection, but I wondered if you or he had read many of them or at least the ones by your bed. Do share :)
That chair was cool in red, and even better now! Nice work! I don't have babies yet or know too much about living w/ them, but I wondered if you feel like you have to specially clean or disinfect stuff like the trunk or old chair, w/ a little one crawling around down there. Just curious what if anything one does with stuff like that.
Maybe the shelf looks smaller in person, but I think it looks really nice as a standing up piece of furniture; wouldn't have occurred to me that it was meant for hanging. Love the new labels though! I like seeing how you design your own...closeup!? (Thanks for enduring my long comment!)

the industrial cottage said...

I am in the mood to paint everything white! Your house is beautiful and peaceful. I am not sure why you are getting a little creasing on the fabric. I don't really do upholstery, but I love to slipcover. I am working on a chair and couch this weekend. All in white denim as course.

Holly and Sean said...

Thanks so much everyone!!

Maple and Magnolia, I am definitely going to try using that next time!

Krystal, you are always so fun to read!!! I actually do read all my books. I think I am down to only about 3 or 4 unread books (which is like code red in my world LOL), I just seem to enjoy reading the way old books are written and the use of language in them. As for disinfecting, I usually wipe everything down with vinegar and water just to be safe. Makes it much less worrisome, but I definitely don't serve afternoon snack directly on those surfaces LOL.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Swirls of Happy said...

The chair looks great and I am loving that you have a fun piece for all your knobs! It looks so fabulous :)

erin said...

Saw Wren's nursery listed over on "Tip Junkie's website. Way to go!

Miss Rubio said...

Loving the Spring additions. I made a super easy headboard this weekend.

KellyStar said...

I've been looking for the right shade of Cream, and have been having a hard time finding one thats not too yellow. What color did you use in your dinning room, I love it!

christine donee said...

label addict for life. and lovin every minute of it.

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