Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little birdie told me...

The Spring crafting is still going strong at our house! You may remember that my accent color in the office is yellow and I have enjoyed finding small ways to add a punch of the cheery color. This week I decided to put some of my cloche collection to use and create a natural history display on my desk. It was a relatively cheap project, requiring only items I had around the house with the exception of some bright yellow wool.
During one of Wren's naps I stitched up a little birdie out of scrap fabric. It was a fun project, and easy to do while channel surfing.
Photobucket Then I hot glued the wool to a little branch and attached our little bird, along with a tiny nest I had in a box of miscellaneous items.
In another cloche I simply placed starfish into little bottles to mimic the pricey ones I've admired for months at Anthro. I am considering adding some silver wax to look like the metal securing theirs, but haven't gotten to that project just yet.
I also want to put my silhouette to use to make some fun museum-like tags for our little display.
another pop of yellow appears in a sweet little pot Wren found for me while thrifting. It looks like a good spot to put paper clips and pins.
But my favorite new addition to the office (besides our old dining room rug) is this funky antique office chair. It is my mission to recover it in linen this weekend, and while I am not looking forward to touching the oh-so gross foam inside I can't wait to get it transformed.
Stay tuned later today for our big Silhouette winner!!


MrsKBJ said...

I love it! Yellow is one of my favorite colors-its so bright and happy.

Yay for the winner announcemet later :O) My fingers and toes are crossed :O)

ninniemuggins said...

That chair is kind of amazing. Can't wait to see the after!

Amber's Notebook said...

SOO cute!! I love the sea shells in the jars! I am going to have to steal that idea =)

Little Lovables said...

The yarn wrapped branch is genius!

As for the starfish, a lot of antique dealers around here solder the starfish straight onto the bottles, but then you can never open the bottle or change the display out, so i kind of like it how you have it.

And oh, that chair is stunning!

Douglas said...

I LOVE the starfish...and the chair...well. AMAZING. And the thought of what is in the padding makes me gag. Good luck on that one....Marissa

Annaliese said...

Fun and summery ... what's not to love!

Annaliese said...

Fun and summery ... what's not to love!

Margaret said...

Holly that is just too sweet! I think anthro needs to hire you. Your office looks so peaceful but functional and inspriring at the same time.

Cant wait to see the chair all done- are you going to share a step by step??


The enchanted home said... cute! I am so impressed, what a few things from the craft shop and a great imagination can do...fantastic, those starfish are too cute!

Rachel Noelle said...

So adorable!!! ;) Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Melanie said...

You should do a post about all your favourite hotspots to find stuff in your city whether it be thrifting or deals or crafts!

Barb@curlywillowdiy said...

Simply fantastic. All of it!!

Amanda Dittmer said...

Bought a similar office chair this weekend for $29! Plan to recover it soon as well. I have been enjoying your blog for some time quietly, but thought I would give you a shout out today. Thank you for sharing your projects and style!

Jenny B. said...

so cute. i love your chair. i read once (maybe in BHG) that rubbing aluminum foil on metal legs like that will give them a little polish up. it would still keep it's patina, but maybe punch it up a bit. and i know the seat is gross, but I do love the punch of bright color

Christina said...

I linked to you in my post...thought you'd like to know! :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

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