Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We hope you were both of these things yesterday! We are a day late and a dollar short, sharing our day with our sweetest Valentine, Wren, instead of blogging. We spent a family day together at an indoor playground and had a blast.

But of course, romance was the focus! And the word romance always brings back memories of our small wedding. Which Anthropologie's new bridal line, BHLDN, was also a day late and dollar short for. But a girl can dream, and in the event I am in the market for a romantic, bohemian gown I know exactly where to look now.

In the spirit of Valentine's, Weddings, and all that jazz I decided to have a little daydream and go on an imaginary bridal shopping spree.

This dress would make me feel like a goddess, and if it weren't in poor taste to wear white to a wedding it would definitely be in my shopping cart!

This is probably as close to a dream-gown as I have seen. I LOVED my wedding dress, but boy would this have fit perfectly as well. The burnished top makes it just interesting enough that maybe I can get away with wearing it somewhere else (or maybe I am just a tad eager to wear another wedding dress)?

If you are looking for something out of the norm, a veil with tiny birds clinging to your face probably fits the bill.

But I prefer a sweet and glamorous headband, complete with slightly messy updo.

On the far-more-likely-to-occur end of the spectrum, I am loving these bridesmaid dresses. And you could probably get away with one even if you aren't a bridesmaid...

I don't think I will survive the summer without this one in my almost finished closet! Seriously, it will be mine.

It has to be.


If you need a little more daydreaming material I highly suggest heading over to take a peek at all the other beautiful items BHLDN has to offer.


EmilyS said...

I want to get marriend again just to wear one of those dresses!

Little Lovables said...

I love the flowy and ethereal feeling of these dresses. This was the kind of dress I wanted to wear 8 years ago, I searched everywhere... but they hadn't been invented yet!

Allison said...

Oh, wouldn't it be fun to get married again...to my same fabulous husband, of course....and wear one of these dresses! They are gorgeous! The one you have your eye on is beautiful, Hollie.

Amanda said...

i am head over heels for your two favorites. the burnished top gown, and the flowy taupe "bridesmaid" dress.

and i can't tell you how amazing it is that Anthropologie now has a wedding line.

truth is, we never had a wedding. after 8 years of dating, and 8 months pregnant... we got engaged. a month later, married. and 13 days after that, Jack joined our life. :)

i wouldn't change any of it. it was craziness, but a time full of so much love and excitement. HOWEVER, i WILL have a wedding. (you're all invited by the way... Jack will be quite the gentleman to Wren. *wink) AND, with all certainty, my dress will come from Anthropologie. dream.come.true.

thanks for sharing!

Torri said...

LOVE the second dress! if i wasn't so opposed to wearing strapless on my day, i would totally go for something like that!

also, feel free to wear those cute bridesmaid dresses to my wedding! ;)

Artsysue said...

Ok, I HAVE to comment. The second to last dress that you love so much is almost EXACTLY like my 1977 prom dress ;). I know clearly because I still have it! So fun when everything comes back around! :)

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