Tuesday, February 8, 2011

feeling Blue, Numbered, and a little Striped

When it comes to painted furniture, there are 3 things I love:
1. Blue paint
2. Numbers
3. Stripes

These three things are often seen on our WhiteBerry items, and are somewhat of a 'signature look'. They all add a touch of fun and keep things from feeling too serious. I don't have any stripes to share (today at least!), but lot's of blue and numbered items.

Like these stools for example. I only found 2 of them, knew I wanted to number the seats...

But 1 and 2 would have been pretty predictable. It makes absolutely no sense, but I like the look of 2's and 4's, so that is what I painted on the seat.

I think these are the first stools we have painted. But they were very popular and I kind of fell in love with them too so I am sure they won't be the last.

I hadn't numbered anything in a LONG while and the stools rekindled my obsession, so this dresser got both the blue treatment as well as some vintage enamel numbers.

When it comes to vintage numbers, you often don't have a choice of numbers, so you take what you can get. LONG ago I used the 1,2,3 on Wren's dresser/change table, so we had to pick up with 4-8 on this one.

Continuing on the blue theme... like I previously mentioned, I have wanted to paint a blue china cabinet for ages. My biggest reservation was that it is a pretty big commitment to one color. But we had a china cabinet topper that we found for free and a random dresser to put it on so we decided this was our opportunity to give it a try.

You will have to excuse the patched drywall in this shot since this was taken just after our wall was repaired, but before it was painted.

I never even got around to installing the hardware on this one before my sister snatched it up and took it home. I am hoping she finishes up the final touches on her living room/dining room so I can take you on a little tour soon. It is VERY anthro-chic and I think she spent under $600 for EVERYTHING in there, a good inspiration to realize it doesn't cost much to get a high-end look.

And the final installation in today's WhiteBerry post is a fabulous headboard.

It is rare that we do beds. When we do them they are usually custom jobs for little ones graduating to their first big-kid bed. So a glamorous queen headboard was pretty fun! The last queen sized headboard was also for my sister (in a bright yellow), so everyone go over and hassle her to finish painting her bedroom if you want to see it!!!!
The body pillow on the bed was one of my favorite purchases on our holiday. I found it in a clearance bin at Kohl's for $12, originally priced at $69.

Maybe it will consitute the 'striped' portion of our post today!

Hoping your day isn't blue at all!


Amber's Notebook said...

Love it all hOlly! Funny i love the look of 4's and 6's! LOL!
Amber's Notebook

Amanda said...

my gosh Holly. i love everything in this post. and it adds to my desire to makeover my whole house which makes my hubby want to move into a hotel if i dont stop changing things around here.

thats a joke. but i already will admit, our next home will be the baby sister (or brother) to yours because i want to copy 99.8% of it. deal? thanks. :)

and actually i want to copy 101.9% of it but hubby has to have sooome say in the matter. ;)

i've been looking for small stools like the ones you made over, opposed to chairs for our "bar area" in the kitchen to allow more space when not in use. i will indeed number mine as well, but not 1 and 2. hehehe.

on a final note: your luck with pillows at Kohl's makes me go "UGH!" because they're always striped and fabulous and cheap! and i never, ever, find anything half as lovely when i search Kohl's. maybe your Kohl's needs to give some tips to my Kohl's so all is right in the world. LOL.

Audra said...

I love it ALL-big surprise I know!!!!-Not!!!! :-)

Lindsay said...

LOVING those stools!! They are adorable. I also love the blue hutch, it is gorgeous!!! And the headboard, such beautiful lines!! Everything in this post is to die for!!

Margaret said...

Holly- Those stools are SUPER fun. You've really got crazy good ideas.


mary said...

Hi super star! LOVE them all. I am hopeful you might tell me your secret blue paint color? xox!

Allison said...

What a gorgeous post, Holly! Everything is so lovely. You do beautiful work and your photos are always stunning. Would you be willing to share the color blue that you used?

Nicole Marie said...

What color/brand did you use on the Cabine? It's a great shade!

Comeca Jones said...

Very nice my favorite is the hutch!

Melissa said...

just when i was thinking about leaving my headboard oak (i was going to paint it white) you post this!! haha LOVE IT! =)

Ms.Cupcake said...

Thanks for you beautiful post today Holly! A breath of fresh air! Loved loved loved this furniture post...I have been missing them! That blue is stunning....a custom color or one you bought?

Have a fantatsic day!!

Millie V said...

These pieces are so beautiful, Holly! Love all of them today. By the way, 24 does make sense! It's the day my husband and I got married. It's a shame I don't have a counter to use these on!

Holly and Sean said...

Howdy ladies!! Thank you so much~
The blue is as some of you guessed, custom mixed. But I did make a similar color match in a previous post for Wren's bed with Behr's Soar 510A-1

Hope that helps!!

chair up said...

I love everything in this post today! That pillow sure was a great bargain.

Lesley K Yates said...

Love the hutch!!! Love the color!! I may have to copy it :) Having a hard time deciding what colors to use in my new kitchen, dinning room & the furniture in those rooms! I have colors chosen, just not sure what to paint what colors. I love having a clean slate, but it's kinda overwhelming! I like so many things :)

Laurie said...

Love it all! The dresser and hutch painted in blue look great and the bar stools are adorable...

Baylor Love said...

What a beautiful post! I LOVE the china hutch...I see these so frequently when thrifting but never imagined such a gorgeous transformation. I would love to see that in my bathroom stuffed with towels and other goodies!

The Starr Family said...

Sigh. Gorgeousness.

Posh House Originals said...

Hello BLUE!! I have fallen head-over-heels in LuV with that china hutch and dresser....It ended up looking sooo seamless! Never would have known it was 2 separate pieces! I'm inspired by that piece.. Gorgeous.

Posh House Originals said...

OMG! I have fallen head-over-heels in luv with that china hutch and dresser!! It is so seamless, you would never know it was 2 different pieces. This is inspiration to me! Gorgeous!

Kari said...

I love all of it, especially the blue hutch! I would LOVE to see your sister's house... you said go over and bug her... does she have a blog? Yes, definitely get her to give us a tour. I love Anthro and always love to see how people get the Anthro look in their homes. Love the enameled numbers too, adorable.


Emily Joyce said...

The china hutch is my favorite. You were brave to paint it! It turned out wonderfully.

Holly @ posypocket.blogspot said...

i love the blue cabinet and the headboard is precious!

Tammi said...

I love each and every piece but the china cabinet is my absolute favourite!!

Brittney said...

HOlly, I love everything you do!!! That blue is to die for! And you totally inspired me as to what to do with my boring black bar stools- I have been wanting to paint them for a while but was at a creative loss, until today!! You are awesome, I squealed out loud when I saw the headboard. :)

MommaHen said...

omg, everything looks great! I can't wait for the warm weather so I can find some amazing pieces , in my favorite place: yard sales!

youwannawhat said...

I'm in agreement with your three painted furniture loves (blue, numbered, striped)...love how the stools turned out!

Mrs. DeVore said...

You've probably already gotten it, but I just awarded you the stylish blogger award :) Love the way these pieces turned out!

Swirls of Happy said...

I love anything Blue and I LOVE those stools...so cute :)

Auntie Bliss said...


Becolorful said...

that blue china cabinet is STUNNING.
I would like to do more with blue but here in the midwest I have trouble selling it.
The numbers are also a favorite of mine.
Love what you are doing.

kate said...

i am so in love with that hutch! the stools are darling! i just love your blog!!

Angela said...

Everything is so beautiful! I especially love the painted cabinet and headboard. So gorgeous!

Ali said...

Loving the curves of the headboard... makes for one romantic bedroom!

northwesthospitality.org said...

Wow Holly. What a gorgeous home and blog you have! I stumbled on you from favblogspot.I've gotten some referrals from them and went to check them out. Can't wait to look over all your gorgeous posts! I recently started my blog and you'll enjoy my "Nantucket" NW home and post yesterday of a Grain Sack & Slipcovered whitewash chair. My husband's a custom home builder so I'll be posting homes like crazy.....need more hours in the day :-) Come by and say hello :-)Keep up the good work. Just so stunning!!! xox Sarah@ NorthwestHospitality.org

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