Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Reality.

I love playing with accessories and staging our furniture for photos. But one thing you've never seen before is me jumping for joy behind the camera when I finally get a clear shot... but it happens every time! It has started to feel like big game hunting, peering through the view finder, looking for that elusive shot.
A wild animal attacks mid-shot!

A mysterious breed of Mung Kee appears on set...
The one time I don't seem to have this problem is when we take Before shots.
And I can understand why! Until the paint has dried and new hardware is applied almost everything in our warehouse is pretty undesirable.
This one in particular feels so much better with just a little paint!
(I will be talking plants next week if you were curious about the fuzzy one on the table)

This dresser made it onto our production line just after Sean joined WhiteBerry, and while I make all the color and hardware choices, do the hand distressing and final finishes, he is now the main muscle and I forgot to remind him that we NEED before shots! So this guy and several to come are lacking evidence of their hideousness.
But now it has a new attitude (and paint and handles)!
I always love the mix of grey and gold and doubt this will be the last piece we mix the two on.
And I finally got my "money shot" a little later in the shoot, in case you were wondering.
Happy Thursday!


christine, just bella said...

Haha, that photo of her little finger is so cute! Love the outtakes :)

Amanda said...

my gosh, could Wren be any cuter? uh, no.

is she single? because Jack has a fresh new bachelor pad to kick it in if she's into things like blocks and lego's and lincoln logs. or, if she'd like for him to make her a pizza with his wooden food toys or serenade her with a tune using his drum set or harmonica or keyboard.

he's as sweet as he is cute so hit us up if he suits Wren's fancy. ;)

on a furniture note: did you remove the raised decorative part of the drawers on that first little table? love the shiny hardware... where's it from?

and, the gray on that beautiful dresser is perfection. mmm, love to see the white just barely underneath.

Megan said...

My back yard is full of those hedge apples, or "monkey brains" as they're called here. The fake ones are much prettier!

Mrs.V said...

She. Is. Adorable. :)

Marnie said...

Can't wait for you talk about the plants.

The Wight Family said...

Where did you find your rustic wooden bowl??

Holly and Sean said...

Amanda, Jack is definitely Wren's type! But Sean has made it painfull clear to both Wren and I that she can't date until 30 LOL.
The little decorative pieces you see were actually part of the hardware... so they had to go!

Holly and Sean said...

Megan, I LOVE the name Monkey Brains LOL. They came with the bowl when I found it at an estate sale and I hid them away not knowing what the heck they are until just yesterday. And while I still have no idea what they do or are I am obsessed with anything bright green right now since I am surrounded by so much snow...

Holly and Sean said...

Wight Family, I found it at an estate sale last year for $40. It jumped out at me immediately, but I don't think Sean has been convinced even now LOL.

-Kasey said...

What a cutie!!

I absolutely love that little table and the hardware! It looks so fresh. You did a great job at giving it some new life. :)

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Oh my gosh just adorable! Oh and the dresser aint too shabby either;)

Just kidding girl, but you know a picture of Wren out stages a dresser any day!

aLena said...

Love the gold & gray together ... so gorgeous!

Chelsea said...

...and just as I was about to embark on a painting project for my kitchen chairs & bench....I no longer see your FAQ section. Did you take it down, or am losing it? I remember making a mental note to check here first when I worked up the nerve to do it...darn! :(

as always, I love your blog.

Krystle said...

She is so stinkin cute! Cant wait to hear about the plants and your green thumb that keeps them all looking lovely!

Oh and Mung kee is pretty darn cute too! :)

Holly and Sean said...

Hi Chelsea, it is still there and my sister is adding a link in the near future (we lost it in the re-design). All you have to do is search Frequently Asked Questions on our search bar to the left and it should appear.

Gina said...

LOVE the legs and details on that dresser!! And the bin pulls you find are really amazing...did you share a source for them? I remember you had ones that were really detailed, you are a lucky girl LOL!

Thanks for sharing as always, Wren is too cute for words!

Erica said...

The handles on that dresser are SO cute!!!! Oh and I am always loving pictures of Mung Kee :)

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