Sunday, January 9, 2011

Employee of the Month

Sean here with some exciting news!!

Here at In the Fun Lane and Whiteberry we have acquired some new personnel.......well kind of! I have officially stepped back from my hands on restaurant position to meet some of the furniture and blogging demands. I don't know if I have earned the employee of the month title yet, but I am eager to prove to my super strict boss (jk) that I can do it. I have always enjoyed doing some of the low key work behind the curtains, things like moving and organizing, plus a few relief blog post here and there. Now I am ready to step out to the front stage (in a supporting role) to help carry the "fun" load.

Just a little bit about me:

Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemtion & Training Day
Favorite Food: In-Out Burger, Chicken Parmesan
Favorite Place to Visit: So Cal, Wrens bedroom before bedtime.
Passions: Family, Cars, Renovations, Saving Money, Snowboarding, Golfing, Dogs
Favorite Room: Master bedroom, Garage
Favorite Sport: Tie between NHL & NFL
Dislikes: Snow Removal, bad T.V, Flat tires, Dill pickle chips (ughhh, Holly's Fav)
Favorite Dog Breed: Doberman
Longest Road Trip: 24 hour's - shift driving from Edmonton to Palm Desert

Typically your average guy who enjoys average guy stuff.

I am thrilled to offer some of my technical "know - how" about constructional/operational aspects of painting furniture, renovations, and tool functions. Also I'll be sharing some opinions about relevant products or services. Other topics I look forward to discussing are a guy's take on decorating and living in a home that has white pretty much everywhere. (and how to sneak in some masculinity)

I you have any requests or suggestions for certain topics that require a man's perspective just shoot me an e-mail at

By for now, Sean &


liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Yay! A dude's perspective. This should be interesting.

Amy of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

The Fun Lane just got "funner!" :) I would reeeeaaally like to know about your take on the living with white everywhere!

Ali said...

Cool that you two get to work together full time! Enjoy working for your super cute boss!

~ Ali

Corners of My Life said...


Michael - Innkeeper said...


it's nice to see another 'guy' out there in blog land.

welcome. enjoy the ride!

City.Cottage Shop said...

hahah love it!

Bianca said...

congratulations guys, that will be fantastic for you! i have a little girl the same age as wren and would LOVE to have her dad working here with us. enjoy and best of luck.

Kari --- said...

Yay! Love a dude's outlook, and happy there's another DeWalt'er in the houssse!

Oh, but I'm with Holly on the dill pickle chips ;) And since we moved from Edmonton to a dinky little town in BC, I'll have to wait until morning to drive into town to satisfy my cravings.

Thanks. A lot. ;)

Amanda said...

the more the merrier, they say! in the fun lane is turning into a real party these days! :D


Catherine said...

Great post! I'm definitely looking forward to the male perspective on decorating. My boyfriend's idea of decorating is putting up Star Wars posters and leaving his car bonnet in the study for months while he was working on his car (we have no storage space at all). I would love to get him more involved in decorating this place.

Giggles said...

It's nice to see the other half of this dynamo duo! I'll be curious to hear your honest perspectives on white, and all the projects you take on! It's nice to see a husband lovingly take some of the pressure of the daily grind off his wife! As much as I love Holly, it's will be a welcome addition to the blog!!!
Good luck! A fellow canuck!

Margaret said...

Welcome!! Seems like you'll be needing some extra dough to home depot! You're in luck- today's the last day for my $50 home depot gift card giveaway- just head on over to my blog ( and follow me for a chance to win!

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! I work with my husband too, and a good partnership is definitely greater than the sum of its parts :)



Holly Austin said...

Good for you guys!! It would be wonderful if I could get enough business for my hubby to stay home and help me with the furniture!!

Hidden Sisters said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see what's ahead!

Little Lovables said...


Krystal Wight Armstrong said...

Cool! So Whiteberry is now so successful it can support you both as full time jobs? Like, you both really don't have to do other jobs? That's really fantastic! I'm so happy for your whole little family :)
I have definitely always been curious to know a little more about how you two came to learn what you needed for DIY renos. I think Holly's said neither of you were previously experts, so you give me hope that we'll be able to jump into some of the same projects from scratch when we get our first home soon. (I love building, but don't have much formal training outside of stage craft classes.) So more technical details or just stories on how you get started on projects, would be awesome!

Good Luck, Guy!

Peaches said...

I'm catching up on Life in the Fun Lane and I am so excited for you guys! Congrats on the new position Sean and I'm eager to hear your take on decorating.

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