Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey Y'all!! (I'm having a bit of a Britney day, so bear with me~)

Since I hate to be teased or even worse, be the teaser! I just had to share the first few WhiteBerry treasures, as well as a couple little gems going up on the website tonight. It has been crazy hectic around here as some of the first White Berry upholstered/slipcovered pieces are coming together and I will probably tease you a little this weekend with a few glimpses. Just. because. I. can.... ok fine, just because I'm really excited!

The first White Berry treasure is a darling cream and gold French oval table. It has original chippy paint in all the right spots, but is in incredible condition. In fact this guy is freakishly heavy for how dainty it looks.

The second one you are already well acquainted with. I ditched the green interior, and this library case really came to life! It's original beat up wood is just the perfect color and adds a ton of drama to the living room right now.

It is probably the single largest White Berry piece to date as it does not break down into a hutch and cabinet. It is all one, heavy, painstaking to move, piece!

As for new regular WhiteBerry updates, once I hear back from a client on whether it is just the bees knees for her room it will either be moving along or going up on WhiteBerry as well.

The old mottled mirror top is just amazing and a rare beauty.

And last, but not least is this darling tray top table. I love the trim work and lightness of pieces like this. They really add a great spot to set your drink beside the sofa without bulking up a room.

Ok, off to install the new lighting in the laundry room once Sean arrives home with some new pick ups I had for tonight!
Oh, and if anyone has been looking for a headboard or bed (queen size) I have just scooped up a couple, and since I rarely work on beds and constantly have requests for them let me know if you want more info~


Angie said...

Looks like some great stuff!! Now do go TOOOOO Britney on us and shave that beautiful hair of yours off! ;)

Decor I Adore said...

Your work is amazing! Love your spaces!

Mary said...

C.r.a.z.y about the coffee table with the mirror top, LOVE IT!

And the cabinet with the white interior is spectacular! Can't wait to see some laundry room pics!


DustyLu said...

It all gorgeous and serene! Beautiful finds..You display them with such creativity!! ~lulu

mary katharine said...

Love the library piece. Will it be for sale?

Tami said...

Gorgeous huge window....well really it all is! Oh, to live in Canada!!

MrsKBJ said...

Everything looks beautiful as always Holly!

How is your friend Rebbeca doing? I hope she is well. hopefully her husband will be back from deployment soon. Did she decide on a floor? She needs to update her blog!!lol!! :O)


Kalee said...

I really love that coffee table! And we are in the lookout for a queen bed/headboard. Might be worth a trip to Canada!

By the way, I should mention, my husband knows your blog as "the one with all the white and grey". He knows it's how I would love our house to be, but with a black lab it would be impossible. Would you maybe be willing to do a post on how you keep everything so nice looking with a dog and baby? Thanks!

Amber said...

WOW Gorgeous pieces!! I adore the coffee table!!

Karena said...

Holly I love that little tray top table. Darling!

Art by Karena

Raru said...

So much beautiful stuff - love the coffee table :)
Have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

It is stunning... Thanks again for sharing this with me!!!
Love Beq from

Anne Marie said...

that cabinet is quite nicely priced for the shape it's in......I'm sure it will sell quickly....and that little table must be oak top.....and he's so cute!

Caroline said...

Soo..when are you going to start shipping internationally? = )

Love it all!


L O V E every single piece! Your work is AH mazing! :) Very inspiring...Thanks for sharing!

Melanie@The Old White Cottage said...

The furniture is gorgeous, as usual but what I really love is how you potted those orchids.

Best Life said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I love painting my furniture and everyone around here thinks I'm crazy. LOL! Lisa~

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