Saturday, March 27, 2010

Final Reminder!

Ok guys, it's your last chance to send in pictures of 1 or all of your White Berry items in their new homes! I have had some really great entries, but I know I am missing a lot of you!!!

The up-until-now secret prize is a set of 2 white harp back chairs (a $140 value!) going to one lucky winner. They are painted and ready to come home, but the lucky winner will get to choose the upholstery fabric that best matches their home and decor before they are sent!
This lovely harp back chair was from a set I painted last year (and may actually make an appearance in the contest!).
So don't fret yet, you still have today to get those pictures in for your chance to win~
...and I need to lay off the nursery rhymes.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize you had a contest. The pattern on the seat is identical to the fabric I have waiting to do one of my own chairs. Sweet. With the harp on the chair it almost looks angelic.

Magic Brush said...

I left a comment on another post of yours about this wondering what a WhiteBerry project is????? I'll enter if I have something!

Holly and Sean said...

It is for all my White Berry clients to send in pictures of their furniture~

Creamy White said...

HI Holly,
I sent last night some pictures. Let me know if you got it!
Thanks and enjoy the beautiful weather outside!
:-) Li

Angie said...

Hi Holly,
I simply adore your blog! It is so very beautiful!
I have a china cabinet that I was thinking about having you paint white...but it is solid wood and veneer. I know that you only do solid wood pieces. Darn!
And forget Hilary Duff! I would be excited if I ran into you...I live in the same city and I prowl around Goodwill too.
Your pictures are so inspiring...keep sharing your beautiful talents!!!

Holly and Sean said...

Hi Angie! I would love to run into you too~ Hopefully our paths will cross soon!

As for your cabinet, I can paint wood veneer, just not that plastic-y stuff! Email me if you want to chat more about it!

Simply Defined Design said...

I love the ship picture!! I have been discovering them everywhere lately!!
It looks awesome in this photo!!
Best, Connie

Ivy Lane said...

can't wait to see all the "contestants".. all winners for sure!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Can't wait to see the winner :) xx

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