Monday, June 15, 2009

Rejuvenated and Refreshed

"Weeee're Baaack". After hitting some garage sales Saturday morning and helping my sister and her boyfriend move into their new apartment we made it out to the cabin by about 2pm, not bad! As the first family members out there for the season (we completely close the cottage up for the Winter each Fall) we knew full well the burdens that come with that territory: turning the water on, sweeping cobbwebbs, and putting in the pier and boats if you are feeling REALLY adventurous.

Pulling up to the gates we should have known exactly how it was all going to lay out. It appeared that our entire entry way had just recently been torn up and dug out, and as the neighbors later informed us, it turns out that the city had dug it all up as well as using it as a dumping ground for dirt being torn up and dug out at other cabins.

After fully unpacking and getting settled Sean turned the water on for us and then went to go light the pilot lights on the gas stove. Hmmm, turns out we had no gas. 5 hours later, 2 calls to the gas company and 1 dramatically begged for service call later we finally had gas! (turns out they had to shut it off for all that digging and somehow forgot to turn ours back on...)

Our last and perhaps most frustrating obstacle was our lack of hot water. After all the commotion we had already faced we decided to just give in and enjoy the weekend, cold water and all (at least we had the gas to boil it with!!!) instead of trying to fix or figure that one out.

But all these minor hurdles aside we had a fantastic weekend introducing Wren to the cabin and lake for the first time. Of course we needed some fabulous new headgear to celebrate the occasion so I decided to sport a new hat while Wren went with a vintage-looking flapper headband from Urban Outfitters:

And while the yard sales were all a bust I did score some awesome riff-raff off our beach!!! My biggest and best finds were these amazing drift wood trees (root stump and all) that are beautifully sun bleached and weather worn. I think they look like art and want to either put them along a wall or lean them up in our living room. Sean would not agree to strapping these on our SUV to get them home so they will have to wait there until next weekend when Sean can bring his truck.

Mung Kee enjoying some early morning sun. He seriously just sits and enjoys the birds ALL day. Rosy on the other hand is off barking and harrassing various animals, birds or hikers.

Our "guest".

Nothing is more peaceful than the lake at 6 am. Before the boats start to chop the water and the waves are barely even discernable.


Suzy said...

I love the look of drift wood, btw - i like your blue dress!

That squirrel is so cute!

Mrs. McB said...

Looks like you guys had fun overall! :)

The DIY Show Off said...

It looks like you guys had a great weekend! Great find!

Kristin said...

Aside from all the early obstacles, it sounds like a fabulous weekend.

Makes me miss my parent's cottage... I might need to find a weekend to get up there this summer!

MrsKBJ said...

Looks like you had a nice weekend! It looks so peaceful and quite there! Great find with the drift wood- can't wait to see what you do with it!

Leslie G said...

That drift wood is awesome- I'm sure you'll find the absolute perfect place for it in your home. I hope to have a cabin someday that our kids (and eventually, grandkids =) can enjoy. I'd love spending my summer weekends relaxing down by the water.

hopeful #1 said...

You guys look like you are having a great time. That picture of you is fabulous!

Lastly, bummer about all of the odds & ends that you had to pick up for the new season. Guess it will be nice to have it all done for the next trip out!

Ani said...

Looks like a great weekend!
I agree taht pic of you is great! I say frame it ;-) I mean you and the logs... so fun!

Anonymous said...

Cute hat, dress, and baby (of course). I want to see where that drift wood is going!

Emily said...

Looks like fun! Love the hat!

nancyblackett said...

Great headband, Wren:)

luvinthemommyhood said...

Love your blog!
Couldn't resist adding it to our link luv roundup. Come take a peek:
Thanks for sharing.

tiffany said...

I just discovered your blog and can't wait to come back and read more! My husband and I love renovating houses and yours looks delightful! (Oh and I loved your genius idea with covering the security panel!)

ALEXANDRA P. said...

I just had to tell you, i absolutely love your lil Pekinese!

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