Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh my gosh! We got Wren her first Jumper and she has confirmed what we've thought all along: our baby is part kangaroo. She jumps, she sits, she chews the fabric. It is pure baby bliss.

She is hanging out right now while we are kickin' it upstairs in the jacuzzi since Dad is downstairs installing hardwood in the family room. The noise of the jets in the jacuzzi seem to drown out the thud of the nail gun and air compressor really well and I can't complain about spending a Friday night relaxing!
Hope you have a great weekend~


Lindsay Willman said...

I didn't know they made jumper-roos any more. Where'd you find yours? What manufacturer?


Holly and Sean said...

It is called the "bumper jumper" and it is by Graco! I got it at babies'r us but they also have it on amazon.

Leslie G said...

Our next baby purchase will definitely be an excersaucer. Cam tried one out at one of his buddies house and drooled with glee.
P.S- I finally broke down and ordered Sophie. =)

Emily said...

You are so lucky, none of my babies really loved their jumpy swings. They would only last ten minutes and then start crying.

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

i had one of those and thought it was the funniest thing ever! ha! enjoy your new little kangaroo. And enjoy the extra few min a day this will give you in hands free time!

Leslie G said...

Hey Holly! Are you referring to the power tools? I got a mini-sized pink power drill from Target for Christmas. I think they still have them, it was by Black and Decker and only $15 dollars. It also came with a full set of drill bits. I just hung all of my mom's curtain hardware with it last weekend!

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