Monday, March 9, 2009

Check out this store!

I just discovered Laurie Anna's Vintage Home blog, which is an invaluable source of inspiration. But once I viewed her store I fell in love! So many great items, at such reasonable prices.
Here are a few items I am loving:
Mercury glass mushrooms ($4.95 -$6.95!!!)

Burlap Market Bag ($34.95)

French Script burlap pillows ($38-$54)


Tamstyles said...

Cool find Holly...those mushrooms are cute.

brynalexandra said...

I love this! Also - I just got your comment... I'm planning on going back to the market April 12th. The vendor I got mine from had a TON of the baskets, he may have them next month too. If you want, I can get some for you. Email me if you want! brynalexandra at gmail.

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