Thursday, May 24, 2012

A menagerie of cats

Yesterday our day started pretty early, as usual, but I had a lot of work and errands to do so Wren spent the morning with my Mom instead of being toted around with me (which saves me what seems to be at least an hours worth of buckling and unbuckling child seat straps). All parties are happier with this arrangement!

I had many stops during my travels, but one was unexpectedly to a small thrift store. I really didn't have time, and I don't really need anything but with all the chaos of Lexington I don't think I've thrifted for months. And we all know it can be a sickness, so of course I was on the brakes faster than you can say 'no way Jose'. 

It was a fruitful stop, indeed! I found a pile of books by some of my favorite authors (any other Mary Stewart fans out there?), some old children's books for Wren, random bits and bobs and a good assortment of Johnson Bros english ironstone and china plates. I love when a particular older lady volunteers there because she looks at the price tags and then proceeds to tell me things are are ridiculously priced... so she makes up her own prices as she goes. She decided my pile of goodies wasn't worth a penny more than $2.30, and even with a few protestations from me that the plates are worth more than that, each. She insisted, and well, I kind of love that lady.

Oh and a pack of cats strayed into my bag as well...

White, blue, grey and cream. 

I love these little old books. They probably aren't antiques or maybe even that old, but they say they were printed in Britain and the illustrations are beautifully faded and charming.

This cat, not so much on the charming side. Who knew they made toy hairless cats? 

One thing I love about thrifting, especially for children, is that you can really get creative. They aren't as focused on wanting things, and can make anything fun when they see things for what they are and not a fancy package or marketing ploy. Don't get me wrong, we have a good selection of Strawberry Shortcake ladies roaming about our house, but we honestly do not buy new toys for Wren except for Christmas and her birthday. Instead I treat her to little surprises from time to time that have a little thought behind them.

Yesterday while I was out and about I was missing my little sidekick and thought to whip up a little something special before she came home. With a pack of doilies that cost pennies, a box I had laying around and some quick work on the computer using Paint to print off a label her pile of cats had a new spot to call home in about 5 minutes. 

It is so suiting for her right now because she is really into the idea of 'adopting' animals. Every morning for the last week we wake up and she proceeds to 'adopt' Mungkee, usually giving him a new name for the day. He is confused over the whole thing so maybe this will give her something new to rename daily. 


Michele said...

The cats are purrrrfectly precious. Sorry, couldn't resist! ;)

And I just love, love, love your book arrangement. Swooning and wanting to copy - and have written down a few titles to look for at our library. Thank you for the inspiration today!


Kari --- said...

Hehe, I go to a little thrift store here like that! I am all stoked to find a jadeite bowl and plate for $3 each and she charged me $2.50 for both of them instead of the $6 I was more than happy to pay :)

Erika said...

That is such a cute idea! I totally agree with you about kids not needing new toys. My son is only 11 months - so he's still in the stage of being obsessed with pots, pans, and spatulas!

bagfashionista said...

LOVE the books! and yes, i am guilty of not really buying anything much new for isabel other than books (even those are usually from yard sales)

The Captain's Daughter said...

I was inspired by your post to do a bit of thrifting myself; however, when I laid my wallet down to inspect an item on a shelf, someone grabbed my wallet! Fortunately, the thief took only the cash and stuffed my wallet deep into the pillow display where an honest clerk found and returned it to me. My wallet is FULL of gift cards (approximate value $400) plus many other things that would be difficult to replace so I am soooo grateful to have it back!

The incident ruined my day but I am determined to go thrifting again soon!


Laurel Hamilton said...

Agreed! Our children, ages 3 and 4, receive gifts on their birthdays and Christmas. We try to really focus on toys that offer imaginative play, like costumes, crafts, books...Occasionally we'll buy them art supplies or books throughout the year. I love finding Golden Books or other classics at thrift stores. It's not just about saving money, but the reuse and thought behind finding quality treasures too. It's amazing how many like-new books I have found for 69 cents!

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