Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh how sweet it is.

I hope all you ghouls and goblins had a safe and fun Halloween! Starting around 10 am, Wren was literally bouncing off the walls in anticipation of her first real trick or treat.

Bouncing on our bed for a solid 20 minutes defeats any point in actually making the bed.

Wren picked her own costume this year, in fact Wren picks her own costume everyday. I use the term costume mainly because she has 2 requirements every morning when we try to get her dressed; the first being a tutu (she has quite a collection, I can't do laundry fast enough to keep up with demand), the second being a dress. It takes a lot of convincing on my end to get out of the house each day with only 1 of the 2 items, because both render any attempt to get a toddler buckled into a car seat completely impossible. Paired with her favorite leather boots she is quite the fashionista, and I often look completely disheveled and frazzled next to her graceful twirls and turns as we navigate the grocery store aisles.

But she did agree to remove the tutu on Monday to transform into a cupcake, with a cherry on top of course! The first house saw a little hesitation on her end, but after reaping the reward of a handful of goodies her "trick of treats" steadily got louder as she rounded the neighborhood. The hardest part came Tuesday morning when we had to explain we would not be trick or treating again, and that no, we cannot have bubble gum for breakfast!

And while I wanted to take a bite out of my cute cupcake she wasn't having it! So I decided to make a batch of my own.

I have a HUGE love of cherries, cherry pie, cherry cheesecake, and my favorite: Black forest cake!

But cakes aren't my strong suit and I have a ladies night happening tomorrow night so I thought I would try a creating my own black forest cupcakes! I started with 2 boxes of Devil's food cake batter mix and a can of cherry pie filling, it doesn't get any faster and easier than that. After preparing the 2 boxes of mix, I filled my cupcake liners half way.

Keep in mind this was my third batch, and I am notoriously messing baker LOL.

Then I spooned a large spoonful of filling into the batter.

And covered with another spoonful of batter.

Then we baked them for 20 minutes. Keep in mind that I tried out this creation with the help of 2 toddlers today and not only did we have a blast but they both gave their compliments to the chef by telling me they were "really yummy!".
We made 30 large cupcakes and topped them with some simple chocolate frosting, but whip cream and chocolate shavings would be a tasty addition as well.

So if you have a sweet tooth and love yourself some cherry give black forest cupcakes a try!


Lesley said...

Yum! Even after all the halloween candy I have been chomping on this week,those cupcakes look totally amazing!! I think I could eat one right now.

Suzy said...

That looks so tastey!

Christine said...

Hi Holly,
How cute is your little Wren cupcake! I will have to try your recipe... maybe for Christmas and then again for Valentines in February. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day.

Rachel Pallas said...

Wren is adorable! :) LOVE cupcakes too!! xoxo

Mimi said...

Wren looks so cute. My Mia used to dress up as a Ballerina most days. I miss and treasure those days. Mimi xx

Miss Rubio said...

Oh wow, those cupcakes look so delish. And I love Wrens costume...totally adorable.

Joshua and Mallory said...

I had to comment because our little Eden was dressed up in the same costume as Wren :) Although we changed it to a "froyo" costume since we own a frozen yogurt shop...but we loved that costume. Eden did the same thing, would NOT take it off! Also, great idea on those cupcakes!

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

Such a cute post! Those cupcakes look delicious! Have a great weekend!

laxsupermom said...

How adorable! Love the cupcake costume! The cherry cupcakes look good, too. Thanks for sharing.

Leslie G said...

I just love her, Holly! She is SO cute and you can tell she has such a quirky little personality. Your cupcakes look great too. :)

Stacey said...

Yum those cakes look sooo good!

You're bedroom looks amazing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Holly, it's been awhile. :) Wren has grown up to quite the little lady. And your kitchen is lovely. Keep up the great work with all your projects! :) xx, AnaLisa

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