Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween 2011

So we had a raging good time on Friday night! We have about 12 toddlers running rampant around the house and fun was had by all of them. But most of the fun started for me earlier in the week when I started decorating for the big night.

I have been pulling together the rest of the house now that the kitchen is finally done, and a new addition has been an antique plate display in the dining room. To add a dark touch to the floral and pink plates I threw some re-stickable halloween decals from Michael's. Fast, cheap (I think they were $5 or $6 for 8), and really fun. I actually had 2 or 3 friends confess later on that they thought that I hand painted the plates because they look so good!

Next week they will just peel off, talk about easy clean up!

Another super fast and easy spooky touch was throwing bed sheets over arm chairs. Not only did it look cool, but it saved me any worries over dirty little hands mucking up my newly washed slipcovers!

A little ruffle on the sheet kept it pretty enough for me.

Yet another decal, and a small murder of crows.

The most fun I had in decorating was actually our front door because I had help from Wren and her best friend Hailey. Pumpkins were rolling everywhere and giggles were flowing freely! And I totally know my ugly light is upside down, we were in the midst of changing it here but I felt like just tossing the thing... but I have to patiently wait until next year to tackle our exterior.

Thanks so my Aunt Carol for the antique milk crate! She recently moved and hauled over a pile of fun accessories for me that she didn't want to take.

The birds are watching!

To keep all the little people entertained I transformed the dining room table into a treat and toy station. Everything from play dough to stickers to candy, there was no shortage of fun.

How are you Halloween preparations coming? I am already looking forward to next year when I can really get back to business and crafting!


Rachel said...

I always love the way you decorate for Halloween! Everything looks great...especially your front door:)

MrsKBJ said...

I love everything! The black birds look great on your drift wood! So cute! I love your outdoor decor too! Happy Halloween!! :O)

Sarah said...

Wow you have such a lovely home! And I love the way you decorated for Halloween, not too over the top, but just enough. :)

Rachel Pallas said...

LOVE everything! Please post your finished kitchen~ Im sure it stunning! xo

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

truly the best Halloween decor I've seen. LOVE the chair and plates! Janell

theroses said...

Nice job. I'm in love with white pumpkins.
Would love to see your finished kitchen. Also, if you have time, could you post the paint colours you used and what kind of stove and fridge you have?
Thanks...dreaming of redoing my kitchen.

Stacey said...

I love the way you've decortaed, everything in your house is just so perfect and beautiful! My favourite is the white pumpkins :)


Cara Moran said...

aaaaah! I love it! So fun to see all these pics!

Krystal Wight Armstrong said...

Your decor is always so fun and creative/inspiring...and classy! Glad you got to have a successful party in your mostly done kitchen, too! I, for one, would still love to see what you 3 ended up wearing for Halloween costumes this don't forget one last Halloween post, please :)

Allison said...

Beautifully decorated for Halloween! Simple, fun and elegant.

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Hey! Just wondering where in the city uou managed to snag the white pumpkins from? Or did you just paint them....?

Cindy said...

i threw a dropcloth over a chair (it's waiting for a slipcover) and added felt eyes and mouth and it looks like a ghost....see it here

your new kitchen looks amazing....great job!

hugs, cindy

Janel@hatingmartha said...

Ummm....drool...this is so ridiculously gorgeous. REally! said...

LOVE your decorations and looks like lots of fun for your little Wren!

M said...

Love your driftwood on the wall, I am curious as to how you hung such large pieces ?

I have some that I want to display but I am stuck on how to hang them securely.

Thanks !


aLena said...

Love your decorations!

ash said...

Love everything about Halloween. I love to carve the pumpkins and I always made a mistake on the mouth lol.

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