Thursday, May 12, 2011

So, I didn't mean to leave ya hanging for the last week, and if you also blog using blogger than maybe you have felt the pain of updating to IE9. I was able to write, edit and work on new posts, but left twiddling my thumbs when I clicked publish... if you are suffering from the same problem I am right there with ya! I hope you accept my apologies and I will be back again later to post our Caitlin Rowe winner~


Alyssa Ann said...

Mine is doing the same thing, am I a supposed to do something or does it update on it's own? So confused!

I'm glad you said something cause I wasn't sure if it was just me or what :)

Holly and Sean said...

Glad I'm not alone Alyssa! I was worried people would think I was abducted LOL. My hubby recommended downloading Google Chrome and I seem to be able to post with that, but still no luck on IE. Hope that helps!!

Alyssa Ann said...

Not alone at all! Haha Whenever I clicked on a blog from my blog roll it told me that, that blog no longer existed, I was beining to think the world was ending haha

i'll try downloading that, thanks for the responce and the tip :)

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