Thursday, November 4, 2010

A good start to a great day!

When your day starts with this beautiful package on your door step you just know it can't go wrong! Not only is Kate so generous as to giveaway the key cabinet but she surprised me with a few little trinkets (which I will be sharing soon) that completely melted my heart (let's just say they involved birds!). And don't forget to get all your entries in before 9pm tomorrow, Friday!!!
Besides that beautiful surprise, I was still glowing over my find from yesterday. Now that Halloween is over and all the decorations have gone back into the storage room I have been hard at work transforming our foyer. It was so nice to have our spooky lamp there to give a more intimate light so I wanted a replacement for the rest of the year. I found this one on clearance at HomeSense for $38 in the exact lines and proportions I envisioned! I am not sure about the metalic rim of the shade, but that is not too tough to fix.
I also gave our beat up Halloween entry dresser a fresh look with some warm grey paint. It is hard to properly photograph our entry way but it is pretty large and this dresser is the perfect height, depth and width for this corner, so I doubt I will let go of it now that I have fallen head over heels for its sleek new look. The original hardware kept it from feeling too new.
About a month ago I decided that I really want to have a round mirror above the dresser and added it to my treasure hunting list.
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
And if you look closely in the first photo of this post you can see the future mirror hanging out in the background! Stay tuned for the final unveiling of the entry way~
As my day continued it only got better when I hit my favorite store with my Mom and sister after an early lunch. I regularly get my inspiration from Wellington. If you are in the city and haven't visited them please go over and spend an afternoon browsing, you will not be disappointed! Today I came home with this string of pearls plant. In honor of their extravagent displays I planted it in an urn I had laying around then placed it on an antique silver platter I found for $1 at a flea market years ago with one of my cloches over top (protecting tiny fingers from plucking the little pearls!).
A pretty way to make a house plant feel special.

And as the season approaches I decided to also pick up some paper white bulbs. They had some gorgeous potted bulbs but I decided that I could beat the $25 price tag.
Mercury glass is perfect for this time of year so I found a container for $9.99 at HomeSense and grabbed 7 bulbs at $1 each.
But a little later in the day while picking up some furniture I spotted this container at a thrift shop for $3.99 and actually preferred it's shape. So the mercury glass went back!
For $11 we now have one of our holiday flower arrangements on the grow~
And besides all that Wren and I had the best day hanging out with family and then with Dad. A perfect day for some one as obssessed with decorating as me!
What's your idea of a good day? Does it involve decorating, family, or maybe just a comfy couch and a good book?


Stephanie said...

I love the looks of that lamp! And it will go so well with all the upcoming Holiday colors. What a fun day you had.

Restoration House said...

I absolutely love that bowl, what a great find. It will look lovely when the paper whites bloom.


Janine said...

Hi Holly. What a delightful post. I always love the pics and thoughts you share. So glad that you woke up to a lovely surprise! Have a wonderful weekend. Jan

Paint Me White said...

Holly I had a perfect day today we well. It started with some thrifting in the morning with my husband. We were both off this week from work and I enjoy having his manpower when I am thrifting for larger items. We scored some great pieces and then enjoyed bringing them all home and making a start of their transforations. I them had some family time with my two sisters.
Love your lamps and your new plant. Have a great weekend. Sandy xx

Rachel Gill said...

Your day sounded perfect to me! You always find the best things at HomeGoods! Can't wait to see the foyer makeover!


Allison61 said...

Where did you find your paper white bulbs? I looked all over yesterday for them because I want to give it a go this year, but had no luck! Love the lamp by the way!

Melanie said...

Everything looks great (as usual). I have that exact same silver tray with a cloche. I really love the plant in it. I've never seen that plant.

Have a good weekend!


Chyanne M. said...

I want your chic!

in the moment said...

Holly--I plant paper whites every year, and I just wanted to let you know, if you didnt already, that you can plant them in a container of rocks instead of dirt. I know dirt is the traditional way to go and it looks fine, but the rocks, any color or shape are beautiful as well and adds a different look to the container! I also love the look of a clear tall skinny container, it holds the stems in place as they get straggly!

Kathy said...

beautiful piece and paperwhites are my favorite, that wonderful smell..I always have some right in front of my kitchen sink so while doing the dishes I can smell them, beautiful post Holly


What kind of bulbs are those? How long do they take to grow? Great idea! Would make a nice holiday gift :)

Amber's Notebook said...

I love round mirrors! I have on above my kitchen table. So cute. I can't wait to see where you place yours.

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

First I wanted to say I absolutely love your home! it is really beautiful and everytime I read your blog I find myself finding ideas for my own home. I really love the bowl you planted your paperwhites in and I now know I need to start hunting for one to do the same! Thanks so much for all the inspiration:)

Aja said...

I love that bowl and that you planted flowers in it! Great find!

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*~*Love your new looks! I agree with ya..nothing better than a beautiful package awaiting and a day out and about finding treasures at thriftshops!! I had one of those days today too!! Hope you have a great weekend my friend~*~Hugs, Rachel :) said...

The arrangement of the plant in the urn on the tray and the cloche -- totally speaks to me. I love every little thing about it. Brilliant looking :)

Amber said...

Hi Holly,
Got my new anthropologie catalog this week. Have you seen the "blooming wren" pillow? You might have to have it!

Ali said...

I loved your paperwhite planter idea!

~ Ali

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love all your cute!
sandy toe

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