Monday, December 14, 2009

Howdy Partners! We had a wonderful weekend over here at Casa Fun Lane. Friday night was a blast, we all shared memories (and made a ton of new ones too!) as we laughed over eggnog and appetizers at my parent's house pre-Nutcracker.

Here was my sister (far left), me and Rebecca all bundled up and ready to hit the road in record setting cold weather. We were actually late on account of all our monkeying around, but enjoyed the performance even though we were forced to abandon our floor seats for the second balcony until intermission.

Although she wasn't able to attend the performance Wren wasn't going to miss the party (And some cuddles from Grandma!).

Today I had dreams of uploading several blog posts, but could only squeeze this one in because Wren had a buddy over. For the first time EVER I was outnumbered by babies! Thankfully there weren't any tears, only lots of tiny smiles and laughs and my wits are still fully in tact.

But stay tuned tomorrow for a very exciting giveaway!!


MrsKBJ said...

You all look so pretty! Wren is getting so big! My husband and I are going to see the Nutcracker on Friday! Can't wait! :O)

Amber said...

You look greta Holly!! I can't believe how long your hair has gotten.

Amanda said...

1. that front door is amazing.
2. you ladies are stunning to say the least.
3. your purple satin pants are fabulous.
4. makes my heart smile to know rebecca is surrounded by love even with her hubby away.
5. your ma looks way too fabulous to be a grandma.
6. that wren sure does get my desire for a baby girl going.

and last, but not least...

(lucky? #) back tomorrow for all the giveaway excitement.


Holly and Sean said...

Thank you so much Kelly, Amber and Amanda!!!
My hair grows FREAKISHLY fast! Always has, which is why I gave up on keeping it short. I would have to cut it bit weekly for any style to hold shape LOL.

Amanda, I shopped and shopped everywhere for something cute and festive to wear, when low and behold I found these forgotten pants at the back of a closet in the basement! I scored them at a Gucci sale about 4 years ago for $30! Definitely one of my best deals.

And expect a response to your last email soon ;)

Mrs. Dew said...

Holly you look great! I love your hair! Wren is so cute with her little friend!

bagfashionista said...

you look gorgeous, holly!

Living It At Home said...

My daughter just danced in the local Nutcracker here. I am going to to do a post on it soon... How fun! You look beautifull!

Just stopped by to let you know that I tagged you with the Honest Scrap Award...10 things about you and 7 others you would like to know more about. Please stop by to check it out!


Anonymous said...

YAY! So glad you had a great time! Love that sweet baby Wren pic! :) Merry merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...

I had SUCH A GREAT TIME!!! Oh my gosh where do I start!! Love those photos too! And I swear I'm going to stalk the internet (and Urban Outfitters) until I find an outfit exactly like your Moms!!! Those appetizers and the eggnog was so yummy I was just telling a girl from school yesterday of my plans to head down to pick up some! Lol I'm gonna stop rambling and just email :)

Suzy said...

You look stunning, and your hair looks gorgeous - hair tutorial/products please! :)

Lisa Leonard said...

you're all gorgeous, sounds like a blast! and grandma looks 30!!

Krystal Wight Armstrong said...

Aw, you really do look soo pretty! (All 3 of you, really). And what a fun event; I've always loved the Nutcracker ballet at Christmas (even got to dance it when I was younger).

And I didn't know if it would be weird to ask ('cause I was sure every girl but me could curl their hair right)...but I'm with Suzy- how do you do it? I know you've got your hands full, but I remember a few posts with awesome coif pics you said you might give tutorials for. So if you're ever bored, I know I'd love to read your tips :)

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