Saturday, January 31, 2009

Have you seen this baby?

Lost: One quiet, fun baby who sleeps peacefully and lets her mommy and daddy get a little bit of work done during the day. If you have seen her please tell her that her parents can't wait to get her back!

Ever since Tuesday we have been going through the 6 week growth spurt and our poor little baby has had gas pains non-stop. I think we are on the last day since she was relatively quiet today but slept for about 95% of the day so far. If tomorrow is back to the fussiness and gasiness of the last week we will be trying a new formula, but I am hoping the worst is over and she will feel better ASAP!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

When Babies Cry.

We are VERY lucky to have a baby that only cries when she needs something, but over the last few days she has really learned how to use her vocal chords when she decides to cry. Her poor Daddy still hasn't quite adjusted.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 5 Week Birthday Wren~

To mark her 5 week milestone we took some family pictures in bed today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Almost There

Who could forget our hideous powder room when we first moved in? To say it was horrific was an understatement:

While we are not complete (anyone have any suggestions for a light fixture, mirror and hardware?) we have come a long way from the scary room it was before. And besides some good old fashioned hardwork it was extremely affordable to do!

Tile, mortar, and grout: $220
Tile saw rental: $22
Pedestal sink: $133
Various plumbing tools and parts: $79
New heat vent: $3.30
Baseboards: $8

Total Cost: $465.30
Plus an estimated $350 for a faucet and new towel and toilet paper racks
and $80 for a new light fixture

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Silence is Golden

Just this weekend Wren finally decided to take our advice and use her pacifier! She is a very quiet baby and really only fusses when she is hungry, but we are trying to get her on a schedule of only eatting every 3 or 4 hours so we can get some sleep and I think we finally found out how we are gonna make it happen:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life is getting in the way of my blogging

Sorry I have not updated in so long! I was hoping that my next update would be pictures of our newly renovated powder room that we worked on all last week, but alas, we were side tracked and the reno is currently about 85% done. We have 2 full bathrooms and one powder room at our house, but during the inspection before we purchased it we discovered that the guest bathroom upstairs had a leaky toilet that needed a new seal so once we took possesion our first order of business was to just shut off the valve in there and consider that bathroom a write off until we could renovate it. Then we demolished our hideous powder room and have been delayed in putting it back together due to Wren's early arrival. So we have been living the last month on our lone toilet in the master bath.

Fast forward to Saturday morning when I go downstairs and walk right into our indoor waterfall, oops, I mean kitchen. Some time during the night our master toilet (aka, ONLY toilet) cracked and leaked for hours down into the kitchen. Water was literally spewing from the light fixtures (sounds safe huh?). To sum this story up, don't put all your eggs in one toilet.

Anyways, as of today we now have 3 functioning toilets, which is a record in this house. And I can't wait to share pictures of our new powder room once we install a new light fixture and pick out a faucet.

On to more fun topics: shopping!

Today Wren and I went on our first Mall excursion. I was desperate for some post baby clothes and even though I have recently snagged some awesome pieces online, nothing really beats strolling the mall for the afternoon and I definitely could use some new stuff after wearing the same clothes for the last 4 or 5 months of my pregnancy.

My favorite purchase of the day? This jacket from Urban Outfitters:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I accomplished something!!!

I used to feel like I did something with my day if I painted a room, laid new floors, or stripped wall paper. These days I feel like I really got something done if I manage to make the bed or do a load of laundry... both of which I did today so I am feeling pretty good!

And just because this is too cute, I have to share:

Friday, January 9, 2009

"I'm 3 Weeks Old!"

I can't believe Wren is already 3 weeks old! Even harder to believe is that she still shouldn't be here for another 2 weeks LOL.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Growing like a little bean!

Today at our "Weigh and See" Wren surprised us and rang in at a full 6 lbs!!! I can definitely see the increased chubbiness in her face, but clothes are still hanging off her.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Powder Room

This house was plastered with wall paper. It was EVERYWHERE. But the powder room wall paper was by  far the most hideous I've ever seen!

So we ripped out the wall paper, along with the oak vanity, floors and lighting.

Wren's Room

This was Wren's little corner of the house when we moved in. Actually, Wren wasn't even around yet when we bought the house but she was on her way!

We worked our VERY TIRED bums off to get it all ready for her arrival and literally only had days to spare since she made her arrival Wren style: early!

Laundry Room

Much like our kitchen, originally our laundry room was very typical for a house built in the 80's. Lots of wood, one tiny light, but we liked that it had a window and was relatively large. 

The one thing I found to be a pain in the butt was the fact our washer and dryer were separated by a cabinet. It was just far enough to require me to put it in a basket just to move it over to the dryer. I really wanted them side by side.

And while most laundry/mud rooms have big closets, ours just felt like it was cramping up the room and giving us another spot to just toss shoes and jackets.

My Closet

This is our master closet! When we moved in we felt it was pretty awesome and spacious. Your typical walk in closet.

But if you look veryyyyy closely in the photo above you can see a box on the wall. Sean opened that box up and this is what he found!!

A whole lot of unused space! We took about 6 months to properly get it converted but in the end we created quite an amazing little space for us to get dressed each day.

Master Bedroom

This was our master originally. Not bad, but not great (aside from those amazing swagged drapes, right?)

While we still have to tackle our master bath, the rest has turned out pretty well.

Living Room

We had another challenge in the living room area of our house because yet again we not only didn't have any furniture, but it also because a bit of a rotating 'showroom' for my furniture creations.

In it's original state:
Lot's of pearly wall paper!

As of today we are finally making it our own with a mix of new items and flea market finds.

Dining Room

When we first bought our house we didn't have nearly enough furniture to furnish our living room/dining room area, and all of our hard earned cash went towards renos in other rooms. We changed out the floors and light, removed the striped wall paper and put in new baseboards but until just recently this room has been in a state of upheaval as I ran my furniture refurbishing business from home (which I have since closed to focus on flipping houses).

Family Room

This is exactly how we found our family room when we got the keys to the house. It felt dark, dated and was horribly closed in thanks to a dividing railing from the kitchen. But all in all it only needed some cosmetic improvements.

Mid wallpaper removal

Our Kitchen Reno

Want to see something really scary? This was our kitchen when we bought our house! It included lots of wood, mismatched light fixtures, 2 sinks (???) and an overall weird layout.

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, see what it looks like today by Clicking Here

And if you interested in seeing how it got to that point check out our reno saga entitled

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